Stress causes digestive problems and can make you gain weight, well it’s a good thing being active is a great way to combat stress!
Fit Journal #6: Getting Insane

Hey lovely people, 

     I’ve mentioned this before but I attend a small arts school in Boston that isn’t super concerned with athletics or sports. So this week they’ve decided to just straight up close the gym all week long. As if the limited hours or the fact that they’re closed on weekends wasn’t bad enough. Now they’re just not open, and I was not a huge fan of this. I was really starting to get into lifting so this definitely put a dent in the progress I’ve been making. 

    But I’m not letting it kill my entire fit journey because this week I’ve devoted to Insanity. I figured it got me through studying abroad in a castle without a gym, it can also help me get through this week. I also just assumed that because I had already completed the program, I would be able to just jump right into it again, without a problem. Boy was I wrong. Yesterday I did the Max Interval Circuit and I could hardly get through one circuit without wanting to stop. Granted I think I was coming off of my sugar high from my date with Ben & Jerry the night before, because I was feeling a little sluggish, but still it was a lot tougher than I remember. 

     And this morning I turned to the Max Cardio Conditioning video and Insane Abs and it was still tough to get through. I had a good night’s sleep, I ate clean all day yesterday and had some coffee to support me, so I was assuming I would be able to get through it no problem. Apparently not. I felt it the most during the abs video. My abs were on fire, more so than usual for this video. But I told myself to embrace the pain, it was only going to make me stronger. That helped big time, because at one point, sweat was dripping down my face and I wanted nothing more than to give up, but I thought about why I was doing this. I thought about wanting to be a better and STRONGER version of myself and was able to finish the video. It felt great being drenched in sweat and knowing I worked as hard as I possibly could. 

   Now it’s time for this girl to make myself a protein shake (almond milk, a scoop of cookies and cream protein powder and blueberry flax seeds) and have a peach to refuel my body. And then I can go get my tan on and enjoy a beautiful day in Boston for the first time in a long time. It’s looking like today is going to be a good day for me so I hope you lovely people enjoy your fit and healthy day as well! 

Stay fit, Stay fabulous, 

Gina ;) 


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I know cardio has been getting a bad rep recently, but it’s not something you should cut out of your workout program entirely. Doing interval training is a very effective way to burn fat. This gives you some great cardio ideas that can all be turned into interval training too!
That was essentially me last night and I could not be more proud of myself. Last night I let myself have a cheat day, you see it was National Ice Cream Day and there was an app called Postmate that was delivering free pints of Ben & Jerry’s…yes that right FREE PINTS! so naturally I couldn’t pass up that offer. So I made the decision that I was going to treat myself and I WASN’T going to turn it into a binge. And that’s exactly what I did. I let myself enjoy the ice cream (I ended up getting New York Super Chunk Fudge…YUM!) and that was that. I wasn’t letting myself turn one indlugence into a relapse. I felt some of those thoughts trying to creep into my head, but I pushed them aside and focused on the delicous pint in front of me. And this morning when I got up and weighed myself and I gained a pound…I DIDN’T CARE! I told myself one pound isn’t going to make or break you and to be honest you’ll probably lose it by tomorrow when you’re back to you’re healthy eating. So needless to say I am beyond proud of myself. It was probably the best pint of Ben & Jerry’s I’ve ever had simply because it helped me prove to myself that I really am stronger than my eating disorder!

- frozen banana - spinach - mint leaves - flax meal - chia seeds -